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Make Bootable USB Flash Drive

Bootable OS in USB stick

0% Like User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes) What is bootable usb flash drive? A bootable usb is a like your CD or DVD for install Windows, Linux, Mac Os etc. From bootable usb flash drive you can boot your pc or laptop with your preferred OS(Operating system). Boot from usb is a quick and stable features for boot. A …

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Windows 10 | fix “This app has been blocked for your protection”

windows 10 user access control

We often need to install various kinds of software in our computer system. But it would rather we see a Warning is “This app has been blocked for your protection” in Windows 10. What the hell it is, huh!!  See picture above. Then you might be thinking “Why this shit happening here?”  When I am using an administrator account? The …

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How To Install and Use Adobe Photoshop Brush


Photoshop Brush is very important to the users who are using Adobe Photoshop Its about a tool named Photoshop brush tool in Adobe Photoshop, Now-a-days is the most popular Photo Editing Software in World. What you gonna need to know How to use Adobe Photoshop basics from the beginning. Most of the people in Graphics Design, Photo Editing, making VFX …

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How To Change Wifi Router Password in Two Minutes

change wifi router password

0% Like User Rating: Be the first one ! Change WIFI Router Password Change your wifi router password in two minutes. Sometime you have gotten unauthorised access and users in your wifi network. You can reduce and secure your password by changing your router APN key Generally called wifi password. Keep secure your wifi by updating your password from time …

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Install Kali Linux

Kali linux v2.0 image

0% Like User Rating: Be the first one ! How to install kali linux in your pc? Just watch this vedio. and follow steps shown in the vedio.

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