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How to Fix Dual Boot Startup Problem?

How to fix dual boot startup problem?

how to fix dual boot startup problem, this question arise before Why do I face boot startup problem ?

Did you ever faced booting problem in your laptop or PC ? When you install dual operating system in your laptop or PC, you may face this problem.

Although you have a chance to miss something like grub error in your Linux machine while you install Windows besides.

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Sometimes we make a clean install in our PC to ensure update. when we use dual boot in our system we get an error running another OS while we run our OS. This can be fixed easily.

When you install Windows besides Linux OS, you will have this error. Cause Windows by default make boot loader with its own system and overrides the boot loader. After installation of Windows OS, you won’t be able to boot your old Linux OS.

To fix dual boot startup error, you have two options:

If you want to create a Bootable USB flash drive in Windows See HOW TO CREATE A BOOTABLE USB STICK IN WINDOWS

In Ubuntu , You can also Make Bootable USB stick in Ubuntu

So, you need to edit your boot loader. There the step by step guided tutorial for your convenience.

You can also watch out Creating Bootable USB stick in Windows 10

Just follow this video given below.


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