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google account 2 step verification process
Google Account 2 Step Verification Process

Google Account -Secure it now.

Google Account is a key of many services provided by Google

Google Account security in your hand. In recent, I found many people that their Gmail account being compromise by someone. After that, some of them asked me to recover their account. Most of the time those compromised account never been recovered. You know why?It’s a simple matter that you didn’t secure your Gmail Account with 2-step verification. Google is a secure place where a hacker think many times before attack someone’s Gmail Account.

It’s our fault; we are attacked by social engineering or phishing method.

What is step to secure your Google Account?

It’s a good question for us, and if you are a new people in Google then you should keep secure your Google account.

Let’s go to secure our Google Account.

1. Click on the Google account profile from the upper right corner and select My Account

2. Here you will see three options in the screen. Select Sign-in & Security.

3. Scroll down and click on 2-step verification, you will be asked to re-enter your account
password. Enter your password 2-Step verification process window will open.
Click on “Turn on”

You will be asked to enter your phone number, a code will be sent to your account. Enter this code; your account is turned on to 2-Step verification now.

Well, you see how easy to turn on 2-Step verification process now. Keep secure your Google Account now.


You can also ask for Backup codes in this section below.  If you create your backup codes you can log in to your account when your phone won’t be available that moment. Don’t worry. You can access with those code from anywhere if you have those code without your phone.

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