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Bootable OS in USB stick

Bootable OS in USB device in Windows 10?

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A bootable OS in USB stick or Flash drive is a handy tool for everyone. If your CD/ DVD is not working , you can create your USB flash drive bootable to install Windows / Linux operating system. Here, you will find a helpful Video for your needs. If you got stuck then watch this video again. And learn how to create a Bootable USB sticks from your Windows machine.

Requirements for Bootable OS:

To make a bootable USB flash drive, you need the followings:

  • An ISO file or CD / DVD with containing OS as you prefer
  • Window machine
  • cmd in windows ( command prompt)
  • you run cmd with Administrative power
  • 2 GB or more USB stick / Flash drive

You can also check this , if you uses   Ubuntu Operating system you can also read the tutorial given below which is with pictures described here, and see how to do a bootable OS in USB stick / Flash drive. Click below :

Create A Bootable USB stick on Ubuntu

Making a Bootable OS in USB stick guideline:

The steps are very easy. See the video tutorial.


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